21 April, 2010

How to Use Visual Studio Profiler

Recently I came to know that there is a inbuilt profiler in Visual Studio 2008, with which we can know the performance of our application. This can be started from VS Analyze tab.
Here are the simple steps to use this profiler.
  1. Open the project in visual studio and go to analyze tab -> profiler -> new performance session
  2. Performance Explorer will be added to the application. In that explorer click Launch performance wizard.
  3. A wizard will be opened with the application selected by default and three simple steps to set up new performance target
  4. Click on Launch with profiling button on the Performance Explorer. This will run the application, just like we run in debug mode.
  5. Go through the scenario, in which you want to know the performance one by one. But going for One at a time is suggestible.
  6. Once the scenario ends, Click on Stop profiler icon. This will automatically generates a report.
  7. Report provides various view of data. We can use functions view to check which functions taking so much time.
Using this profiler is very simple. But understanding the report generated by this is a bit difficult and needs some basic information on what is shown in the report. More details can be found at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc337887.aspx

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