31 January, 2010

SSRS: Vertical Headings

This is one of the common requirement for most of the report developers. Many times we need to display table header vertically. When I came across this, I did a bit googling. But no where it is documented properly. Then I checked all the properies available for the Text box.
Vertical text with reports can be done with one small property change. There will be a property called 'WritingMode'. By default the writing mode will be lr-tb. If we change that to tb-lr the text in that text box will be written vertically.
Follow the steps to get vertical headers:
  • Go to the Textbox in which you need Vertical Text
  • Press F4 or Goto Properties Window
  • Search for WritingMode Property and change the value to 'tb-lr'
You can check your report preview for the changes.
Happy reporting!!

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