17 June, 2009

How to configure Visual SVN Server

The configuration is very simple and involves only three installations
1. Visual SVN Server(For Server)
2.Tortoise SVN(Client for SVN)
3.ANKH SVN(to integrate with Visual Studio)

After installation, open Visual SVN Configure manager and create a repository and a user.
Go to the folder, which you want to share and right click on that.
In tortorise go to repo-browser and give the path for existing repository.
Thats it.. Now the file is ready to use on share...

The clients should install Tortoise SVN and ANKH to access the folder.
Everyone should create a local copy of the folder and should work from that.

As I am new to this, I dont know how to work with this simultaneously. I am working on that part now... and will write again after completing that too.

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